Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who's a Liberal? Who's a Conservative? raises an interesting question: Is it fashionable to be a Liberal again?
My viewpoint:
In the past eight years US has been bombarded by the likes of O'Reilly and Ann Coulter who think the Religious Right is Right for US.
To be a liberal was to be branded a traitor.
To be a patriot one has to necessarily do the following:
1) Fly the flag
2) Attend church. Not just follow any religion, but christianity only.
3) Hate anyone who follows any other religion or faith or is an atheist.
Of course, Bush helped the situation a bit by putting the formidable financial strength of US Govt. behind faith-based initiatives for education and preventing teen pregnancy.
Now liberalism is becoming fashionable again it seems: Obama's election showed the younger generation hates being called religious nuts by their peers.
Of course, O'reilly is as usual spinning it as the younger generation hates God and hence they elected Obama...(the man never tires i guess).
But What is conservatism?
Well, in actuality conservatism refers to the pre 1890s era in US when conservatives stood for the following:
1) Little or no government control over private affairs: marriage, children, money.
2) Fiscally responsible government and citizens: no budget defecits, no bailouts, no credit cards
3) Private faith: The founding fathers especially were careful in this one: faith is private and a person can have faith in any God or Gods. The government MUST not interfere with that faith or lack of the same.
Take a look at what Bush, O'Reilly, Palin or even Cheney stand for:
1) BIG Government. I mean not big, but B-I-G Brother. Cheney must be salivating at Britain for its ubiquitious cameras, etc.
2) Unfettered power to Government to interfere in ANY facet of individual's life. There is nothing private anymore. The logic is if you have nothing to hide then why bother hiding? (The same does not apply to the government it seems).
3) Budget defecits are a MUST. Fiscally responsible has been cast as fiscally poor. The year 1913 was a watershed in many ways. It allowed politicians for the first time to overcome the limitations of traditional monetary policy and actually allowed them to spend more money than they had! The Fed backed them up.
4) A citizen MUST follow any faith as long as Christ is worshipped.
5) Abortions are disallowed under any condition. Even medical or forced pregnancy.

What is a Liberal?
A liberal generally stood for the following:
1) Multi-faith or atheist
2) Sound money backed by Gold or Silver
3) The government must be fiscally irresponsible for the people to prosper.
4) The people must be fiscally responsible for them to save money.

So where do they stand as per today's definition?
1) A liberal is a coward: per O'reilly definition
2) A liberal hates government and hence is not a patriot. (Did not Franklin say the a Patriot is one who loves the country and hates the government?)
3) By saving money, he is a hoarder which is bad.
4) Hates US being victorious anywhere!

So where do you stand today? Modern Liberal or Traditional Conservative?
or Traditonal Liberal or Modern Conservative?

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